Firefly Web Studio has created a streamlined, stress free web design and development process for female entrepreneurs and small business owners who are passionate about making a difference in the world.


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Firefly Web Studio offers custom WordPress website design + development. Our streamlined process helps to guide you while keeping you in the driver’s seat. Our goal is to provide you with an aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate website that is mobile responsive and easy to update.

How we work


Define Your Style

The first step in building your new website is defining your style or brand around how you want your ideal clients to feel. Our design guide leads you through this process, putting together the perfect style tile for your new website and setting the foundation for a website that converts.

Design Your Site

Step two is designing the framework of your custom WordPress website. Our transparent, stress free design process allows you to custom order your website from the top down. You choose what you want included and where, we’ll take care of the rest!

Optimize Your Site

Step three is all about the bells and whistles. Would you like to add on any integrations or plugins? Whether you’re looking for social media share buttons, a mailing list subscription pop up or an automatically updating instagram feed, there are options. Not sure if something is possible? Just ask.

Develop Your Site

Step four is where we really get down to business. Once we’ve agreed on your design, you will be given a checklist of everything we need from your (copy, images, etc) and a design start date. Depending on the scope of the website, most custom designed websites take 2 weeks or less. That said, we’ll let you know before we start when you can expect your shiney new site to go live.

Website Education

Step five is all about you learning how to use your new site. Don’t worry, we won’t just throw you to the wolves. We set up a zoom meeting where we will show you how to update the content on your site, some SEO basics and how to use the plugins and integrations you’ve requested. And we record this session for you, so you can refer back to it anytime you need to.

Website Maintenaince

Step six is optional but highly recommended. Once your custom website is finished, it’s imperative to keep it up to date in order to ensure functionality, a positive customer experience and to avoid any security issues down the line. We also highly recommend adding fresh content to your site to remind repeat clients and search engines that you are relevent. We offer maintenance plans that do all of this for you and more.
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You’ll love us if…

  • You’re a female entrepreneur or small business owner who is passionate about lighting up the world, and you value the benefits of having a mobile responsive, custom website that screams your message.
  • You know what you want to say, and how you want your website to look, but you either don’t have the skills to build it yourself or you recognize that your time is better spent working with clients or spending time with family.
  • You LOVE all things streamlined and stress free, especially the idea of being able to custom order your website and then have it magically appear in front of you just a few weeks later.
  • You have a thing for fireflies. Or the color yellow. In which case, we should all be friends.

From Our Clients

“Rayna was so insightful and skilled. She was a dream to work with and totally understood what I was trying to create”

Rebecca Johnson

Image Consultant, First Impressions

“Rayna did a great job on my website! I appreciated her willingness to explain things and the fact that she gave me a very clear idea from the get go about the steps we needed to take. This was helpful for me since I have never worked with a web designer and I am not extremely familiar with technical terms.” KeyVion Miller

Licensed Nutritionist, The Miller's Kitchen

custom wordpress website design guide from firefly web studio

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