5 Benefits of Web Design in a Day

Web Design in a Day is a streamlined process that includes the design and development of a WordPress website in just one day. It’s fast, fun, and collaborative, allows the designer to really dive in and the client to actively participate in the creative process. 

But what does all of that really mean. Well, let me explain… 

5 Benefits of Web Design In A Day

The entire process is streamlined. 

While your web design is customized to your brand and business goals, everything else is streamlined. This makes the process much less stressful. Once you reserve your date, you get a list of everything needed to create your site, as well as tutorials and suggestions on how to do it. Reminder emails are in place, to keep you on task as well. You know how much everything costs, what I need from you, and when everything will be done from the start! 

It’s super efficient and saves time

The average web design process takes a minimum of 4-6 weeks. Why?? Multi-tasking and back and forth emails, mostly. With the Web Design in a Day process, we cut both of those time sucking processes out. On the day of your build, I get to really dive in and dive deep. I reserve the entire day for you. No multi-tasking aloud. And because I ask you to be on call, when I have a question, I just reach out and get immediately feedback. It’s amazing how much time you can save when you can stay focused for an entire day! 

The creative process is a collaboration

My clients love this part the most. Throughout the day, you can watch your site being built in real time and if you see something you don’t love, or your site just isn’t feeling “on brand”, you get to reach out and I’ll make immediately adjustments. This saves a ton of time, but also gives you some input on the creative process, which helps gaurantee that you’re going to love your site! 

It’s dynamic and fun

Because we’re communicating back and forth, your site changes dynamicly throughout the day. The Design in a Day process is fun to watch, as your site moves through it’s different phases and transforms into it’s final design. 

You’re set up for long term success

Once your build is complete, we don’t just throw you out into the wild. You get 60 days of email support and two months of maintenance included with your build. This ensures your site is functioning exactly how it should be when you take over and that you’re comfortable updating it on your own. 

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