Melissa Wolak | Mindset Coaching Website

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Who is Melissa Wolak Melissa Wolak is a change-maker, speaker and fierce advocate for cultivating resilience, presence and alignment professionally and personally. The foundation of her work with clients over the past 20 years connects science and soul by incorporating powerful mindset shifts, sustainable lifestyle tools and research based self-care practices. She believes in the […]

What is WordPress Maintenance? And Why is it so Important?

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WordPress website maintenance is a necessary part of owning a WordPress website.  It ensures your websites functionality, increases your sites security and has an overall positive effect on your website visitors experience.   But what is WordPress Maintenance? WordPress Maintenance is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the actions you take to maintain the functionality […]

5 Places To Find Free High Quality Stock Photos

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When it comes to stock photos, you could say I’m kind of a snob. As a professional photographer in a past life (most of my 20s ), I just can’t settle for anything less than top quality. And while I personally use Adobe Stock and Shutterstock when I need something really unique, I still try […]

How To Add An Administrator To Your WordPress Website

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Whether you’re working with a WordPress developer, trouble shooting a plugin or hosting issue, subscribing to a maintenance care plan or just want some help from a friend, knowing how to add an administrator to your WordPress website is a valuable skill.  Add an Administrator to your WordPress website in 4 easy steps Log into […]