The BEST WordPress Maintenance Plugins of 2020

wordpress maintenance plugins

Thinking about DIY WordPress Maintenance and wondering what the best WordPress Plugins for Maintenance are these days? Look no further. I’ve created a list of my most recommended WordPress Maintenance Plugins for you and categorized them by maintenace topic.  The Best WordPress Maintenance Plugins for Backups Backup Buddy This premium WordPress plugin backs up your […]

Should you outsource WordPress Maintenance or DIY?

Outsource wordpress maintenance

When it comes to WordPress Maintenance, it’s not really a question of IF it needs to be done, but HOW.  I’m not being dramatic, I’ve seen what happens to a beautiful site that isn’t maintained and it’s not pretty. Or cheap to fix.  If you want to know why WordPress Maintenance is so important, read […]

What is WordPress Maintenance? And Why is it so Important?

person in front of laptop performing wordpress maintenance

WordPress website maintenance is a necessary part of owning a WordPress website.  It ensures your websites functionality, increases your sites security and has an overall positive effect on your website visitors experience.   But what is WordPress Maintenance? WordPress Maintenance is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the actions you take to maintain the functionality […]