Book Rayna For A Day

Imagine what you could accomplish if your website had the undivided attention of a professional WordPress developer and designer for an entire day. 

  • Redesign of your current homepage
  • Basic branding including a simple logo, as well as color and font selection
  • Updated copy and images
  • Creation of a new one page website
  • Move you existing site over to Elementor
  • Set up of an e-commerce store of membership platform
  • A punchlist of updates and tasks you need to have completed
  • On page search engine optimization of your entire website
  • A combination of all of these things?

No need to stop there… the options are endless

The average web developement or design project takes 4-6 weeks.

We get it done in a day.

How is this possible?

It's Fast, Efficient & You'll Save Money

Because you get my undivided attention, I'm able to really dig in to your specific needs. Without the distraction of multi tasking, I'm able to get a lot more done. And with you "on call" for the day, we can make decisions quickly and implement them right away. What would normally take weeks to accomplish can be completed in a days work.

It's Collaborative, Exciting & Satisfying

You'll be able to watch everything unfold as I work on your website, and you'll be able to provide real-time feedback, and then see the results almost instantly. It's both exciting and satisfying to be able to start off the day with a to do list and then end the day with actual results.

It's Streamlined & Stress Free

My entire "Book Rayna For A Day" process has been streamlined to be straight-forward, organized and stress free. Once you book me, you completed a short workbook that tells me everything I need to know to get started. We also schedule a quick onboarding call, to make sure we're on the same page. And once it's all over you get 30 days of support, just in case.

How does the book Rayna for a day process work?


Reserve your
date below

Choose a date that works for you and gives you enough time to do the necessary prep work. We recommend at least a week out. You’ll also need to be available to provide feedback on the day you pick, so make sure not to choose a day when you’re booked up with meetings or appointments. 


Onboarding &
Prep work

After you reserve your date, I’ll send you an onboarding email that includes a workbook, a link to schedule your kickoff call and a few tips for making your intensive as successful as possible. You’ll want to make sure to read through it right away and schedule in enough time to get things ready. 


Your Dedicated intensive day

On the morning of your Intensive, I’ll send you a text message to let you know I am beginning work. Throughout the day, I’ll reach out to you with updates and any questions I have. You’ll be able to watch your website unfold as I quickly knock out your to do list. 


30 Days
of support

After I complete your priority list, I am available for email support for 30 days. If you find yourself with questions about the work that we completed on your intensive day, you’ll be able to send me an email and request clarification, and tutorial videos. 

Note: Book Me For A Day does not gaurantee a specific number of deliverables, but because of my experience and our streamlined process, I am able to work quickly and efficiently, knocking out long lists of to do lists. 

Not sure how much we can accomplish in a day?
Schedule a 20 minute call to discuss your needs.

Investment Information

Design In A Day
Branding Basics
Simple Logo Design
One Page Website Design
Simple Site with Blog and Portfolio
Search Engine Optimization
...and more!
Website Facelift
Branding Update
Logo Modifications
Content and Photo Updates
Additional Pages or Blog Setup
eCommerce, eLearning or Podcast Setup
...and more!
Full Day - $650 | Half Day - $450

50% retainer is due at booking. Save 10% by booking in full. 

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