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Who is Melissa Wolak

Melissa Wolak is a change-maker, speaker and fierce advocate for cultivating resilience, presence and alignment professionally and personally. The foundation of her work with clients over the past 20 years connects science and soul by incorporating powerful mindset shifts, sustainable lifestyle tools and research based self-care practices. She believes in the value of intentionally choosing your habits, thoughts and beliefs allowing you to evolve and create a life of fulfillment, impact and vitality.

What was your favorite part about working with Firefly Web Studio?

Rayna is knowledgeable, straightforward and creative. She has a unique method to develop attractive, high functioning websites efficiently. I highly recommended working with her and her studio

What do you love most about your new website?

Rayna was so easy to work with! I’ve always wanted a website, but every time I looked at templates they just didn’t feel like the right fit, and the idea of building my own was overwhelming. Rayna made it feel like an easy step by step process, where I just had to give her my business information and preferences and she did the rest - I mean, how much easier could that be?!

Anything else you would like to add?

Rayna has been such a joy to workout, and on top of being professional and great at what she does, she’s so kind!

What we finished on Melissa's Web Site?

Melissa's Mindset Coaching Website

Melissa Wolak - Mindset Coaching Website
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