WordPress Maintenance Plans

Monthly WordPress Maintenance is an essential part of owning a WordPress website.

Without it you risk security breaches, functionality issues, poor site speed and an overall disappointing customer experience. 

Protect your website and keep your clients happy with a monthly maintenance plan.

A Better Client Experience

As new features are released, themes and plugins are updated to ensure compatibility with one another. When one releases an update, it's imperative that the others keep themselves up to date as well. Monthly maintenance on your site leads to greater functionality, faster debugging and a superior website experience.

Increased Website Security

Over time security loopholes are identified and plugins, themes and WordPress releases patches to prevent security breaches. Regular maintenance of your site ensures that you have the latest versions available and reduces your risk of being hacked. Monthly security scans also help identify these issues and resolve them before your site becomes blacklisted.

Peace Of Mind

Having a monthly WordPress maintainance plan is like having a handyman that proactively fixes all the potential issues in your house before they become a problem. They stop by every month and check the pipes, all the appliances, and do any necessary maintenance without you even noticing they were there. Relax knowing a WordPress expert is watching over your website for you.

All WordPress Maintenance Plans Include:

Choose the level of support that's right for your website

Month To Month


6 Month

(5% Savings)

12 Month

(10% Savings)

All WordPress Maintenance plans require a $25 set up fee, which is automatically included on the first invoice. 

Month to Month


6 Month Maintenance Contract

12 Month Maintenance Contract