WordPress Maintenance Plans

WordPress Maintenance is an essential part of owning a WordPress website. It keeps your website up to date, decreases functionality and database issues, significantly increases your site speed, protects your website from security and malware hacks, and helps to ensure an overall positive user experience. 

And it's more than just clicking the "update" button and crossing your fingers that everything will be okay.

All WordPress Maintenance Plans Include:

WordPress is a fluid platform, meaning there are always new features and bug fixes being released.

Regular WordPress maintenance ensures that your theme, plugins and WordPress versions stay compatible with one another. It also identifies small issues before they become critical. Once that happens features and styling can break, security loopholes can allow hackers to infect your site, and user experience and search engine rankings can tank fast. 

Having a WordPress Maintenance Plan with Firefly Web Studio means that we’re watching out for these things, every single day, proactively scanning for and addressing issues as they present themselves, before they become a massive headache you can no longer ignore. 

It’s like automated maintenance on your car, where you can just park your car in the garage and relax knowing the oil and car maintenance is being taken care of by a professional while you sleep.

Except it’s specifically for your website because you do not want us working on your car.

Choose the payment option that's right for your website

Month to Month


6 Month Contract

$712 (5% Savings)

12 Month Contract

$1350 (10% Savings)

All WordPress Maintenance plans require a $25 set up fee, which is automatically included on the first invoice.