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Hey there, I’m Rayna, a seasoned WordPress web developer and designer with over 15 years of experience. I reside in the beautiful chaos of Boulder, Colorado, alongside my partner, William, our dynamic duo of kids (Athena and Liam), two adventure-ready dogs (Savannah and Kora), and our grumpy senior cat, Katie.

I have been told that I have an energetic and passionate spirit that defines both my professional and personal life. When I’m not untangling code, you’ll find me climbing, paddleboarding, hiking, backpacking, or narrowly escaping collisions on my mountain bike—basically, anything that allows me to explore the outdoors, push my comfort zone, and that brings me joy.

When it comes to web design, my passion lies in creating websites that are as smooth as my gluten-free brownies. I’m all about optimization…. and empowering my clients to make their websites their own by giving them the skills and confidence to update and maintain their websites on their own.

Before I dived into the tech world, I spent a decade capturing moments as an elopment photographer while I pursued a career in holistic health. My resume boasts a certification in functional nutrition and a degree in exercise physiology. I still have a passion for both of these things, often lugging my “big camera” on long adventures, getting the “your phone is almost out of memory” message, and living a healthy, active life, complete with an almost daily yoga and meditation practice that helps ground my adventurous soul.

On cold days, you can catch me in the kitchen whipping up gluten-free, dairy-free goodies that are so delicious, they’d make your grandma jealous, or curling up reading a good book in front of my space heater.

For me, life is a thrilling blend of web development, outdoor escapades, and the occasional showdown with grumpy cat Katie. Balancing the chaos of coding with family, and adventure keeps things interesting. I prefer it that way.

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