The BEST WordPress Maintenance Plugins of 2020

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Thinking about DIY WordPress Maintenance and wondering what the best WordPress Plugins for Maintenance are these days? Look no further. I’ve created a list of my most recommended WordPress Maintenance Plugins for you and categorized them by maintenace topic. 

The Best WordPress Maintenance Plugins for Backups

Backup Buddy

This premium WordPress plugin backs up your website and database with a few clicks. It also does a free malware scan of your site during backups. 


This premium WordPress plugin automatically backs up your site and database in real time, makes restoring your site painless, and automatically detects viruses and malware while it does it, keeping your site safer. 

The Best WordPress Maintenance Plugins for Security & Malware


Wordfence offers both a free and premium version. It’s essentially a WordPress firewall and security scanner, which helps to protect your site from malicious attacks and malware. I use this on most of my sites, but sometimes it’s firewall is so strong that it stops other plugins from doing their job. If you use this one, know that you may need to occassionally deactivate it in order to problem solve an issue. 


Securi offers security scanning a minimum of twice a day, and protects against malware and malicious content as well. It has the added bonus of checking for blacklist warnings as well.  

The Best WordPress Maintenance Plugins for Monitoring Uptime

Uptime Robot 

This free WordPress plugin monitors your website uptime every five minutes and keeps track of the duration of any periods of downtime. 

The Best WordPress Maintenance Plugins for SEO


Mathrank is a free WordPress plugin that packs a lot of punch. It runs a detailed SEO analysis on numerous keyword terms (not just one), can easily import data from other SEO plugins, tracks your sitemap and monitors your keyword rankings.  

SEO Press

SEO Press offers both a free and premium option. It includes everything from sitemap options, to google tag manager, to Woocommece SEO and backlink monitoring. 

If you’re planning to do your maintenance website yourself, you’ll find that these plugins can do a lot for you, but they can’t do everything. You’ll still need to update your plugins, WordPress, and PHP regularly, monitor the findings of all of these plugins, visibly check your website for functionality regularly, and of course, problem solve if something goes wrong. 

But hopefully these plugins can make it a little bit easier to identify where to put your attention and energy! 

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